Kāhuli, A Singing Rainbow - Lyrics

Kāhuli, A Singing Rainbow - Lyrics

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When We Shine Foundation is proud to release our newest music album project, Vol. 3, Nā Leo O Ka Honua, Endangered Species.

In partnership with Pomaikaʻi Elementary School here on Maui, the project began in the fall of 2019 and the songs were completed on March 20, 2020, the day the world shut down from Covid. Slowly, weʻve gathered up these beautiful words, melodies and voices of the students and now offer it here for your enjoyment!

Featuring our Artist Mentor, Raiatea Helm on the song, ʻIʻiwi, each song speaks to the fragile balance in Hawaiʻi, and in the bigger world that we share and the importance of stewardship of our environment. Near and dear to our hearts, these songs deliberately invite discussions on climate change and our changing world Let us teach and engage in resilience, creativity, collaboration and community cooperation.

You can purchase or stream on Spotify or any of your favorite streaming channels - simply search for the Artists, Voices of the Earth.