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 When We Shine 


                                                                                                                                        An Arts Leadership Advocacy Foundation,

Dedicated to Multi-Media Arts and Community Engagement

We Create and Support Programs that Bring Art and Education for All the Arts,

to Our Communities and to Our Children. 

We Grow Verdant, Creative Communities, Bringing Them Together for Good. 


Our Mission:

Share and Grow Aloha


When I Shine, You Shine, We Shine.                                          

When I Stand in my bright light, I liberate you to do the same!

Our Purpose is: To implement the Arts to create new ground for citizens to come together to revitalize their communities. We are here to make our communities more lively, beautiful and resilient. The Arts are a powerful agent of transformation. They can rekindle a spirit of love for one's own community, connecting people to one another.

We exercise the transformative power of the arts, towards positive changes that make our future brighter.

We do this by providing services for:

  1. Songwriting and Multi-Media Arts Residencies for Education
  2. Creativity and Art Events for Community and Non-Profits
  3. Creative Partnerships and Consulting for Businesses
  4. Fiscal Sponsorship of Individual Artists and organizations



As the great artist and social activist, Paul Robeson, once remarked, “Artists are the gate keepers of truth. We are civilization’s radical voice.”

We commend and recognize Artists for their audacity to dream, commitment to help create dynamic social justice, and dedication to helping make the world a better place ...especially for women and girls!

The Arts – whether visual or performing – play an important role in Movements for social change. They serve as a conduit to shift narratives and become records of our social movements.

How Can Creativity and Culture can contribute to community planning?

  1. Artists Bring People to the Conversation
  2. Artists Imagine the Possibilities
  3. Artists Highlight and Support Existing Assets
  4. Artists Can Prototype and Experiment
  5. Artists Say What Cannot Be Said in Plain Words
  6. Artists Build Innovative Bridges and Spread Ideas

We assist public and private schools and organizations, non-profits, and individuals who want to enhance their impact on their patrons, by creating multi-media Art-Full experiences and Installations, and social media momentum and education, to shine a light on their work and mission. We promote environmental and social groups, private businesses, neighborhood boards, and social and political causes that benefit the community, that are in need of public awareness and attention in getting their message seen and heard. Ours is a think-global, work-local, family-oriented approach across all socio-economic divides.
We are an interconnected, independent, transparent agency that helps grow thriving communities through embracing the present culture, educating and empowering through multi-media Arts. We promote interacting and sharing ideas to grow better stewardship and well-being practices.


Melinda Caroll

Artist  Educator  Activist

Melinda brings creativity, inspiration, imagination and passion to the art of singing, performance, original songwriting and story telling and loves sharing her passion with children and adults world-wide. A Hawai’i resident since 1979, she is an avid Hawaiian Cultural student and Aloha Ambassador. Melinda believes in empowering girls with Music, Song and Dance, a creative catalyst for positive social and environmental change.

Melinda is the Founder and Artistic Director of

Each Event is Uniquely 
Customized for You!


Click here for more about Melinda Caroll Music  or Go to ITUNES 




For More Information Contact Melinda Caroll at

[email protected]

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