Vol. 3, Nā Leo O Ka Honua, Endangered Species

August 15, 2023, WAILUKU, MAUI - When We Shine Foundation is proud to announce the digital release of our latest song collection by Voices of the Earth, ‘Vol. 3, Nā Leo O Ka Honua, Endangered Species.’ In partnership with Pomaikaʻi Elementary School on Maui, the project began in the fall of 2019 and the written songs were completed on March 20, 2020, the day the world shut down from Covid. Over the last 2 years producers were able to take the voices of Maui students from 1st thru 5th grade and mash them up with notable Hawaii artists like Neal Chin, Moanalani Beamer, and Raiatea Helm. All twenty songs are available now, streaming on all digital platforms

Each song speaks to the fragile balance of our eco-system here in Hawaiʻi with a call out to the bigger world that we share. It is a reminder for children and adults of the importance of stewardship and for the protection of our environment. Near and dear to our hearts, these songs deliberately invite discussions on climate change and our changing world, to help us better understand our kuleana, our responsibility, to plan for our Keikiʻs future, to care for the ʻāina and our precious waters and all of the species who share our planet. We have much more to learn about resilience, creative solutions, collaboration and community cooperation and let us begin now.

To prepare for the schoolʻs songwriting residency, endangered species experts met with each classroom and shared their expertise. Marine mammal specialist from Maui Whale Trust, Shelby Brown, taught about koholā, Hawaiʻiʻs humpback whale and honu, Hawaiʻiʻs green sea turtles. The songs were then co-written by the students and teachers, facilitated by Melinda Caroll. With Melindaʻs guided assistance, the songs began to form in the studentsʻ own words, and each gradeʻs understanding and unique way of story-telling on their topic. The Keiki then created their own melodies and rhythms, feeling and style, which David Kauahikaua and Melinda then translated into guide tracks. 

The children rehearsed in their classrooms with the guide tracks until they were ready to record and the recording of the students' voices was done in person at the school in small groups in a tiny room in the school library. All of the music sound tracks were arranged and produced by David Kauahikaua, and Melinda Caroll with ukulele inspiration by Neal Chin.

The music style is called Polynesian Pop, which is really a collection of styles and genreʻs with Hawaiian and Polynesian themes, rhythms and instruments. The songs on Nā Leo O Ka Honua, Endangered Species are meant to be entertaining, playful and deep with an overlying educational theme or Edutainment. The children from Maui want to share their song stories with other children around the world, to teach them a little about life here in the Hawaiian Islands.

David Kauaikaua, Melinda Caroll and Raiatea Helm in the Recording Studio.

Our Artist Mentor for this project, Raiatea Helm, brought her elegant soprano voice to sing alongside the 1st Grade Keiki on the song, ʻIʻiwi, a beautiful haunting melody and story tribute to this extraordinary native forest bird. 

Moanalani Beamer graces the album with the Hawaiian chant, Nā ʻAumakua, calling for our protectors and our ancestors who stand at our back and our front to teach us how to flourish under the heavens. You can hear the “voices” of all the endangered species on the album on this track.

The song Mauna Leo, (Voices of Kahālāwai) was co-written with teachers from Pomaikaʻi Elementary and is sung by Melinda Caroll. The song was inspired and co-written at a teaching retreat experience that took place deep in the heart of beautiful Mauna Kahālāwai also known as the West Maui Mountains.


Vol. 3 Nā Leo O Ka Honua, Endangered Species by VOICES OF THE EARTH

Produced by: Melinda Caroll for WHEN WE SHINE FOUNDATION, Shine Media Productions.

Engineering and Co-Artistic Director:  David Kauahikaua

Arrangements & Harmony: Melinda Caroll & David Kauaahikaua

Mastered: Dave Tucciarone, Seventh Wave Productions

Album Cover Art and Graphic Design: Chelsea Khol, Flying ʻOkole


David Kauahikaua - keyboards, synth programming, percussion

Neal Chin - Ukulele

Raiatea Helm - Lead Vocals and background  on ʻĪʻiwi

Moanalani Beamer - Hawaiian Chant, Nā ʻAumakua

Melinda Caroll - Lead Vocals and background on Mauna Leo (Voices of Kahalawai) 

Pomaikaʻi Elementary School Students, 1st through 5th Grade in 2021 - Lead and background Vocals on all songs except, Nā ʻAumakua and Mauna Leo (Voices of Kahalawai) 


  • Broadcast Codes:
    • Vol. 3 Nā Leo O Ka Honua, Endangered Species  UPC: 868420000464
  1. Nā ʻAumakua - ISRC:DG92300005
  1. Nā Leo O Ka Honua, Endangered Species - ISRC:DG92300006
  1. Aloha E Koholā, Hawaiian Humpback Whale - ISRC:DG92300007
  1. ʻIʻiwi, Hawaiian Songbird - ISRC:DG92300008
  1. ʻŌpeʻapeʻa, Flying Hawaiian Bat - ISRC:DG92300009
  1. Honu, The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle - ISRC:DG92300010
  1. Kāhuli, A Singing Rainbow - ISRC:DG92300011
  1. ʻAhinahina, Hawaiian Silversword - ISRC:DG9230012
  1. Nananana Makakiʻi, Hawaiian Happy Face Spider - ISRC:DG92300013
  1. Mauna Leo, (The Voices of Kahalawai)  - ISRC:DG92300014
  1. Nā ʻAumakua (Instrumental) - ISRC:DG92300015
  1. Nā Leo O Ka Honua, Endangered Species (Sing-Along) - ISRC:DG92300016
  1. Aloha E Koholā, Hawaiian Humpback Whale (Sing-Along) - ISRC:DG92300017
  1. ʻIʻiwi, Hawaiian Songbird (Sing-Along) - ISRC:DG92300018
  1. ʻŌpeʻapeʻa, Flying Hawaiian Bat (Sing-Along) - ISRC:DG92300019
  1. Honu, The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle (Sing-Along) - ISRC:DG92300020
  1. Kāhuli, A Singing Rainbow (Sing-Along) - ISRC:DG92300021
  1. ʻAhinahina, Hawaiian Silversword (Sing-Along) - ISRC:DG92300022
  1. Nananana Makakiʻi, Hawaiian Happy Face Spider (Sing-Along) - ISRC:DG92300023
  1. Mauna Leo, (The Voices of Kahalawai) (Sing-Along) - ISRC:DG92300024

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About Pōmaika‘i Elementary School 

"Learning is a journey. Each person plays a critical role."

Pōmaikaʻi opened its doors in 2007 with the vision of whole child arts integrated learning for all children. Based on years of research that actively engages children through the arts requires higher level thinking skills, creative problem solving, collaboration, and challenges learners at all levels. The founders dreamed of an education where students learned with their whole bodies, activating all parts of their brain, and embracing their hearts as they learned to connect with each other and the curriculum. This school highly values academics through the 21st century multi-media arts integration and technology skills. This innovative journey continues to inspire all the learners in our school today.

When We Shine Foundation has partnered with Pomaikaʻi Elementary since 2017, creating songs and developing music projects with the students K-5, along with visual and digital arts, including recording their own songs and stop-motion videos that tell their stories.  You can view some of their projects here on When We Shine Foundationʻs YouTube Channel. Please subscribe.

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