Share The Light


#ShareTheLight Project is an international song and music video born out of a peace-building collaboration between  the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), When We Shine Foundation and Melinda Caroll Music.
In June and July of 2020, the Covid Pandemic was spreading its effect world-wide, creating isolation, debilitation and feelings of helplessness. We wanted to summon a way to help galvanize the global organization, and to bring forward our shared mission of serving girls. And we wanted to create something that would help us feel more connected to each other, to our Movement for girls and women- and remind us of our collective power to change the world, ….and we had to create something that could translate and be used on a digital platform!
We chose the title, Share the Light, because it translated easily throughout the official languages of WAGGGS, Arabic, French, Spanish and English. In the lyrics of the song you will clearly hear the message that to be a change-maker you first need to love yourself – ‘you are the one that you’ve been waiting for’. When we do this, our own light shines, the collective light grows as does our power to change the world.
The song #sharethelight was co-written by 15 members of WAGGGS from 10 countries across all five WAGGGS Regions with songwriter, Melinda Caroll facilitating in partnership with When We Shine Foundation. In this clip you will see and hear our digital global choir made up of 109 people from 20 countries across all WAGGGS Regions and from all five of the WAGGGS World Centres.
100% of all streaming and Mp3 download revenues of this song go directly to When We Shine Foundation for more projects such as this, projects that help to build strong female leadership and bridges to Peace in this world!
We hope this song will help you to have the courage to love yourself and the bravery to Share Your Light with our world – FOR HER WORLD!
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