“When human compassion meets unlimited potential, you have a world of ALOHA.”  ~ RayBella

When WE Shine Foundation is excited to partner with RayBella, Raymond and Gabriella Moliné (RayBella), in our shared mission to practice social artistry with a new kind of social structure, one that offers bold solutions to broken systems through multi-media arts and innovative collaborations. We celebrate their ambassadorial journey in launching an International traveling art exhibition that will tour the world carrying the message of ALOHA.

When WE Shine Foundation is the official fiscal sponsor for Spirit of Aloha. We are inspired by RayBella’s abundant talent and professional abilities to bring Big Ideas to life! We believe the Spirit of Aloha Exhibition project will create closer community collaborations and transformative experiences that help spread the true meaning of ALOHA within Hawai’i and beyond its shores..

For the next 2 years, RayBella are committed to focus their creativity on designing and building 50 art pieces to activate peace and re-alignment with humanity. Each piece will represent a specific element of aloha, integrating and collaborating throughout the process with Hawaiian Artists, Hawaiian Cultural Advisors and children of Hawai’i. This multi-sensory, mix-media experience will reach deep into the heart of every partaker, inspiring an interactive understanding of the meaning of aloha.

The Artists, RayBella, Raymond and Gabriella Moline, are modern-day alchemists, merging creative artistic expressions with the latest findings of wave-form-technology, healing frequencies and spiritual wisdom. Their intention is to touch people’s hearts, to inspire and elevate values, and to share their spirit through their visual art creations and installations.

“Our world is in deep conflict, chaos and division. We urgently need a paradigm shift in human behavior and consciousness, a heart-centered solution that benefits all, rather than just a few. The time has come to support Auntie Pâki’s vision in spreading the ALOHA Spirit into the world.” ~ RayBella

Raymond and Bella are devoting their life’s work to sharing this powerful message beyond the shores of the Hawaiian Islands. They are creating a multi-faceted cultural celebration of the Spirit of Aloha to deliver a vibrant experience of the innate life-force in all of us.

The SPIRIT OF ALOHA Exhibition interprets Hawaiian wisdom through a modern lens. During the past 6 years, RayBella have developed unique artistic expressions and now look to expand their palette. They are inviting extraordinary multicultural artists and children from their Hawaiian community, along with the support of Hawaiian cultural advisors to collaborate in translating traditional Hawaiian art forms into a contemporary context.

The artistic creations of SPIRIT OF ALOHA will feature paintings, sculptures, installations, photos, jewelry and wearable art, as well as videos, music, healing sounds, holograms and 3-D-mapping. Each piece is infused with elements from islands, sourced according to cultural protocol. Natural materials are repurposed to create unexpected conceptual works of art. Visitors are invited to use their senses to experience the innovative creations along this guided path of self-discovery.

The SPIRIT OF ALOHA is an exciting journey that invites each visitor to the edge of a new way to access their highest human potential.

Utilizing transformative sound and light wavebands for all the senses, this exhibition features secluded areas of deep stillness, where the subtle activation of a deep awareness of unity and wholeness takes place. Each visitor will experience the feeling of becoming a catalyst for positive change.

Aloha is limitless. The more it is shared, the more its value increases. It holds the potential for world peace. That is why the message of Aloha must be made known around the world.

The SPIRIT OF ALOHA Exhibition is intended to open on Maui, 2021. This will be followed by national showings and an international traveling tour.

The entire process of creating the exhibit will be fully documented on video and still photography to apply for international art agencies, museums and subsequent funding.

This is a new story for humanity with a solution to which the world can aspire. This project requires a dedicated team and with your support we will bring this important vision to fruition. The time is NOW!

Mahalo for your consideration in donating to this worthy project. A portion of all proceeds will go to fund When WE Shine Foundation‘s arts integration, arts education and Aloha in the Schools Project in Maui. For more information, please email glow@whenweshine.org or call 808-330-4320.