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Spreading aloha
through art.

When We Shine Foundation is a fully accredited 501(c)(3) non-profit arts advocacy corporation. We strengthen and enrich communities through the Arts, through arts education projects, arts integration and our social artistry network partners.

We are based in Maui in the Hawaiian Islands, the home of aloha. The concept of aloha is a model for mindful living and has a greater meaning than hello and goodbye. Aloha teaches us how to treat ourselves, others, the land, the waters, and all existence, a reminder of the sacredness of life.

Our Story

In 2016, Melinda Caroll was part of a Leadership Team that designed an Arts4Change Summit involving 60 International participants and hundreds of young girls and women in the local area of Pune, India. After the 3-week event, When We Shine Foundation was born from the resulting inspirational multi-media story-telling performances that took place. A fertile seed was planted in the recognition of the universal human desire to belong, and to work for something greater than ourselves, a realization that when each person allows the world to see the fullness of their heart and spirit, it gives permission to us all and we become unstoppable in what we can accomplish. We are here to show the world what’s possible When We Shine!

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Our Mission, Vision & Purpose

 When We Shine Foundation believes in Value-Based Education and Learning: A culture of kindness where families can feel safe and connected to their communities helps create a thriving future for our beautiful planet, people and all sentient beings.Our aim is growing more Aloha in the world through our special gifts, artistic experiences and hands-on opportunities to become the creators of our own stories.

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We love our job. We know there are many worthy organizations that deserve your financial support and sometimes it’s difficult to choose who needs it most!

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We work towards our Mission, Vision and Purpose through implementing arts integration, creative place-making & social artistry programs that grow strong social systems and networks for healing & for human services, especially as it pertains to women, children and the environment.

Arts Integration

We develop creative arts education programs and projects for children.

Arts integration taught in our schools bestows the powers of creative problem solving, increased self-confidence and self-understanding, enhanced communication skills and improved cognition.


Creative Placemaking

Creative place-making can animate unused public and private spaces and resources, rejuvenate structures and streetscapes, improve local business viability and public safety.

It can bring diverse people together to celebrate, to inspire others, and to be inspired. 


Social Artistry

Arts Activism that influences changes to better our communities and social systems at large is Social Artistry.

It educates, invites awareness of an issue and connects people to one another so they can face the problems together.

Heart of Aloha - MP3

Our latest project

Heart of aloha

Fourth grade students and teachers from Pomaika'i Elementary School on Maui worked closely with When We Shine Foundation to design a public health campaign that engages residents and tourists with the expressed goal of respecting and caring for one another and the Hawaiian Islands during the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Heart of Aloha featuring John Cruz.

Heart of Aloha
Share your light
What lights you up?

If you, your business or your non-profit have a community project or a big idea that benefits our neighborhoods, schools and other social groups, we have a rich cultural and creative resources & artistic solutions, and we are here to help!

If you are a multi-media artist willing to assist in building a stronger, healthier community in Maui and around the world, we are looking for skilled Team Members to match to our schools, organizations and projects!