Community Building


We work with various Artists and organizations in collaborative support, by networking with them, by attending meetings, by educating ourselves of their mission and how it is managed and implemented. Then we can identify the ways in which we can assist or add value to their goals and vision. This is a journey in itself and this is what true social artistry looks like, building relationships from the ground up. There are so many kind-hearted and essential organizations here on Maui that make our community unique and help to create a culture of kindness for all of our island residents. One of our proud community partnerships is with RayBella and the Spirit of Aloha project!

Other community partnerships we have spent the last 3 years developing here on Maui include: The Maui School Garden Network, Grow Some Good, Friends of Pomaika’i, Blue Zones on Maui, H.E.A.L. (Healthy Eating, Active Living) and ‘Ai Pono Programs with the Hawai’i Department of Health. Plus from these relationships, we naturally grew connections by attending workshops and classes with a number of other food security groups, including ‘Aina in the Schools, Ku ‘Aina Pa and many related Farm to School organizations and individuals here in Maui and O’ahu. Currently a big focus is The Maui Nui Food Coalition which encompasses each of these organizations plus the State Department of Health, Department of Education and Department of Agriculture, Maui Food Bank, Sierra Club Maui and the Hawai’i Public Health Institute. The people who make up these groups are not only dedicated and passionate but realize we are all paddling the same canoe and need each other for all of our efforts to succeed

Groups like Partner with the Arts and Americans for the Arts offer wonderful resources and support in how to engage and combine these forces! …Just to give a sense of how we have gotten from there to here, a bit of our history is provided below: